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Fragments in Isolation


In collaboration with Zimasa Gysman (@Spinningsilk). 

The current pandemic is this biggest disturbance to the normal lives of humans we have experienced in our lifetimes. The disturbance has created turbulence in human awareness, a conflict between doing what is right and doing what we want. And so, to find human connections during lockdowns and quarantines, we have turned to technology to communicate with each other. It is about communication in the times of quarantine, and how you get lost on the web, following ads, links appear here and there. Our communications are broken up into fragments, trying to find ourselves. Trying to figure out what’s real and what’s virtual, and how humans can adapt to be fully dependent on virtual communication. Is this our new reality?


The project is based on found images on the internet, that have been modified and re-appropriated to suit this piece. 


In the videos, different people from different places around the world, are connecting virtually either to teach, to communicate with a friend/ family, to work, to create, to study, or to search the internet. 


The sound for this piece represents digital noise-pollution. The sound piece features overlaid digital and analog sounds that have been used to compose the project.

Augmented reality combines the physical and the virtual in a way that makes it possible to experience both at the same time. Our physical surroundings become a part of our virtual surroundings, blending in together in a disturbing harmony.


By using a smartphone, you can view this piece wherever you are. This piece requires the Artivive app to be viewed. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Final Tracker.jpg
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Special thanks to : Clement, Leen, Zeina, Lara, Max, Yara, Yazan, Wayne, Loubie and Celie for participating in the videos of this project. 

The virtual existence of the piece:

View 1- FI
View 2 - FI
View 3- FI
View 4- FI
View 5- FI
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